Running in dev preview (real helpdesk)

Learn how to run your local dev app in a real Deskpro helpdesk. This lets you preview your app in a real-world environment, while still developing it locally with tools like hot reloading.

While developing your app, you may find you want or need to use resources from a real-live helpdesk. You can run any Deskpro instance is "app dev mode" which will make the helpdesk run your app but it's still served from your localhost. So you get the best of both worlds: A real-life instance running your app in dev mode with all the goodies that entails (hot reloading, enhanced error messages, etc).

Running your app in Deskpro

Build your app

The first step is to build your app to get a like you would as if you were building for production.

> yarn build
Creating an optimized production build
Compiled successfully
build/ ready with 1141644 total bytes

Don't worry, your app doesn't need to do anything or be anywhere near done. We just need the from build/app.zipso we can install it in the next step.

Start dev server

Next, start your dev server like you would normally:

> yarn start

Upload your app

Install your build/ file from Admin > Apps > Upload App. After your screen refreshes, go back to the app from Admin > Apps > Your App. In the top right, click the "Dev Mode" button.

This will open a new browser window with a special URL that enables dev mode on the app.

Continue developing your app

Now navigate within the interface to where your app target is. For example, if your app is a ticket app, open a ticket. You'll see your app here. The important part is that your app is running off of your localhost so any changes you make are made live.