There are many ways to extend Deskpro or integrate with Deskpro. This section will take you through the different options available to you.

Webhooks & Triggers

Triggers are a powerful mechanism in Deskpro to perform actions based on certain events and criteria. Using triggers, you can call any kind of remote webhook or API.

Triggers are defined from within Deskpro itself and require no programming. More information about this can be found in the Deskpro Admin Guide.

Website Widgets and Embeds

There are two ways you can integrate Deskpro into your website:

  • The most common is to add the chat website widget to your website. This widget enables chat on any page you add it to, and it can fall-back to showing a new ticket form if no one is online or if chat is disabled. Refer to the Website Widget section for more details.

  • The second method is to embed a new ticket form directly into your website. This lets you put Deskpro new ticket form anywhere on your site. Refer to the Form Embed section for more details.


Deskpro has a powerful apps platform that lets you define fully operational apps that work inside of the Deskpro interface. These apps can be very simple things, like just rendering a button, to very complex, like our JIRA integration.

You can get starting writing apps in just a few minutes. If you're interested in writing apps, refer to the full Deskpro Apps guide.


Deskpro's fully-featured API lets you perform almost anything you could normally do via the web interface. Continue to the API section for more details.

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