API Keys

The most common way to use the API is with an API Key.

An API Key can be defined from within Deskpro at Admin -> Apps -> API Keys. You can define as many API keys as you want.

The two important properties here are:

  • The API Key Code is like a password. You use this in your API requests to authenticate the request.

  • The Key Type option sets the user context for requests using this key. For example, if you set the agent to "Matthew", it means any API request you make with this API key will be run with all the permissions that Matthew normally has.

To use an API key, send an Authorization header in the format of: key your_api_key. That's the constant string "key" followed by a space, followed by the API key as it appears in the admin interface.

Here’s an example call made to the helpdesk/discover endpoint:

curl -H "Authorization: key 2:YWK2PGCS8CNW62SR8TBTBKWMY" \

The response will look something like this:

    "data": {
        "auth_method": "api_key",
        "app_id": null,
        "person_id": 1,
        "person": {
            "id": 1,
            "...": "..."
    "meta": {},
    "linked": {}


So the things I can do with the API depends on which agent the key is bound to?

That's right. The API key inherits all permissions from the agent it's bound to. For example, if an agent can't access tickets assigned to other agents, then using the API to do that will fail as well.

How do I create a "super" API key that can do anything?

This is typically done by creating an API key bound to an administrator user who has permissions to do everything.

Can I lock-down an API key so it can only do specific things?

Yes, this is done by whitelisting tags. See the tags section below.

What is a "superuser" API key?

A superuser API key is an API key that can be bound to any agent. This makes it possible to specify a different agent ID in your API request and the API request will be run in that agent context instead. You can do this with an HTTP header like this:

curl -H "Authorization: key 2:YWK2PGCS8CNW62SR8TBTBKWMY" \
    -H "X-DeskPRO-Agent-ID: 4" \

For example, this might be useful if you had an API that wants to change the author of an automated reply. Instead of creating one API key per agent, and using different API keys in your scripts, you can use a single API key and switch the agent dynamically.

Access Control with Tags

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